Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Speaking from experience - Week 5

This week I have completed all my designs and printed everything. It has been a busy and tiring week... It always takes longer than I expect... and something always goes wrong! This time I could not print alot of my prducts out on the stock I wanted. The third years are all going crazy about their final pieces (understandable!) but it means that even though I booked a print slot I could only print 3 out of 10 of my things... and 2 of them had to be printed on different stock because they ran out of transparent stickers. It turned out ok though as I managed to hand render some things onto larger sized paper, photocopy some onto transparent stock and use double sided tape to make stickers... all instead of printing!

Rule #01 Fred time. 

Rule #02 There is never enough print credit.

Rule #03 Never pull a face at Amber.

Rule #04 A break is not a holiday. 

Rule #05 PICTURE

Rule #06 Posters don't always work. 

Rule #07 PICTURE

Rule #08 9:30 means 9:15.

Rule #09 PICTURE
Rule #10 Green and orange make Amber see red.

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