Wednesday, 14 December 2011


My briefs have overlapped alot on this module, which has resulted in a very jumbled blog. Please use the 'relevant lables' widget on the right hand side of this page to view each specific brief. I am only submitting Brief 01, Brief 03. Brief 04 and Brief 05 as major briefs.

Brief 01 - Exhilaro
Brief 02 - Achitecture publication. Postponed (possible FMP)
Brief 03 - A Type of Show
Brief 04 - D&AD Ministry of Sound collaboration
Brief 05 - The Specials
Brief 06 - Digital print resources. Postponed (possible FMP)
Brief 07 - Louise Tiler (small brief no boards submitted)

There are also lables for Crit/Tutorial, Evaluation and Time Management on this blog.

Here are my final submission boards in PDF form...

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