Thursday, 22 April 2010

Speaking from experience - Week 1&2

19.04.10 - So many scotch eggs
The brief I have created is aimed at the 2010 first year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students at Leeds College of Art. I hope to create a range of graphic products about the unwritten rules of the studio, course and tutors.

22.04.10 - The unwritten rules...
Part of my primary research was to collect the unwritten rules of LCA Graphic Design. I did this by asking students through emails, Facebook and face to face in the studio. Here they are!
  1. Spare time only exists in Hollyoaks
  2. Never draw a penis
  3. Don't draw with a pencil. Fred will snap it... and then give you a Sharpie
  4. Fred time
  5. If you have better shoes than Fred, then you're not spending your money wisely
  6. If they ask for 100, they mean 100
  7. If it is in your head, it doesn't exist
  8. Don't pull your face at Amber
  9. There is never enough print credit
  10. Never use hyphens, widows or orphans
  11. Pica ems, ems and ms will make your head hurt
  12. A break is not a holiday
  13. If you want to be lazy go to Leeds Met
  14. You can never listen hard enough
  15. Type is sexy
  16. Posters aren't the answer to everything
  17. Students aren't always a valid audience
  18. There is never time for time management
  19. Fred is right, so don't bother arguing
  20. 9:30 means 9:15
  21. If you're not a Labour supporter, your opinion does not count to Fred
  22. Never use green and orange together
  23. If you leave a coke can in the studio, Amber will draw a face on it
  24. Never eat the cakes at the tea party
  25. No news is good news
  26. Dogs, hats, or dogs in hats is the best subject matter for a project
  27. If you don't come in, they will kill you
  28. There is no colour called purple, only violet
  29. 4pm is not home time
  30. Colour theory will make you afraid of colour
26.04.10 - Product
Today I tried to decide upon one product which I could create a range from. I needed this starting point to get the ball rolling. I have found that I need to be more decisive, critical of my work and also create work which I like!

Initials brainstorming sketches of ideas.

Through my brainstorming I seem to have a strong idea of creating individual pieces for specific objects. Here are some examples...

Rule #4. 'Fred Time'
Create a sticker which goes over a clock face on a watch or clocks around the college simply stating the rule in a clear typographically appealing way. Clearly aimed at GD students through the standardised style and 'Fred Time' phrase.

Rule #20. 9:30 means 9:15
Design and produce another sticker to go over level 1 inside the lift near the GD studios in a recognisable style stating '9:30 is 9:15' as students are most likely to be using the life when they are going to the studio and rushing, due to being late.

Rule #3. Don't draw with a pencil. Fred will snap it... and then give you a Sharpie
A sharpie costume for pencils which makes them unrecognisable so that Fred cannot snap them. However if you do want a real sharpie do not use.

30.04.10 - Type
Over this week I have been looking into how I can balance the interests of my audience with my ambition to use primarily type in my design. I created a questionnaire which a limited number of Foundation students completed. I asked the Foundation students to answer this as I knew some of them going into Degree level in a few months and it would be quicker to get their views rather than finding outsiders who were coming to degree from other areas. I found from my questionnaire that illustration was a big interest along with a preference of handcrafted over digital.

Due to these findings, I believe that handcrafted type would be ideal. I can deliver a message clearly whilst having a prominent illustrative feel. I have researched hand crafted type and currently am pretty interested in using woodblock type, manipulated after printing by hand and then digitalised, to create my own typeface. It would be created by hand but would need to be digitalised due to production requirements. My favourite illustrative typographers which I have looked into this week are Lodma, Justin Thomas Kay and Geoff McFetridge.

Back in Black. 
Justin Thomas Kay.

I created a crit information board which should have given others an idea on what I intend to produce. This was not as clear as I hoped as I didn't include my sketchbook alongside. Comments have been posted to my PPD blog. The board included mock-ups of my strongest original ideas for my products (which were created before my design research).

Mockups created of potential stickers... photograph of location, sticker created on Illustrator, then overlayed in Photoshop. 

Crit information board.

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